Introducing the New and Improved Elements Advisory Group

Written by Elements Advisory Group
May 11, 2022
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The same name. A new look and feel. A refined enduring promise to help improve the lives of SME owners. We’re excited to share our updated brand and position with the Australian SME market.

Since Enterprise Elements commenced operations in 2010, we’ve grown a lot as a firm. What started as a business advisory firm helping businesses implement the fundamental elements for growth has now grown into a multidisciplinary offering with the addition of Tax Elements and Accounting Elements. Over the years, we’ve been driven by our mission to help businesses regain financial control, understand their financial performance, and improve compliance.

In late 2021, we knew it was time to refine our model and evolve our promise to the market to unlock the full potential of Elements Advisory Group and offer something truly unique.

The next chapter

Today, we are thrilled to unveil the new and improved Elements Advisory Group – A collaborative firm that focuses on the
right elements, working together, to enable the right growth for SMEs.

Our refreshed brand brings together all three key divisions within the firm into one collaborative model – Advisory and Valuations, Bookkeeping and Management Accounting, and Tax and Compliance.

Elements Advisory Group Partner Darren Van Zyl shares, “The consolidation of our three divisions under one brand better communicates our value proposition to the market – one firm, with a team of professionals who are dedicated to improving your business journey from three key areas of advice and support. It’s allowed us to clearly articulate and demonstrate how we assist our clients and why we exist as a firm.”

While we may look and sound slightly different, our people remain committed to helping business owners take control of their business growth. 

But it’s how we make people feel that is truly important to us. That’s why, under the new Elements Advisory Group, we approach every day with one collective goal…

To help improve the lives of our clients and everyone invested in the business and provide a better business journey.

A better business journey

Improving the life of an SME owner and the performance of their business isn’t something that happens instantaneously. We know that the journey towards achieving whatever it is clients are setting out to achieve is often a long haul with multiple obstacles to navigate around. 

We aim to make that a better, more supportive business journey that keeps businesses on track and enables them to achieve optimal profitability, every step of the way. 

It is only by ensuring that all elements are in place from the beginning, and working together over time, that a business can optimise profitability throughout its journey.

The updated logo

Our refreshed identity, presented like building blocks, represents the unification of the three divisions towards one objective: business growth. Like one cohesive unit, the elements hold meaning in how it resembles all core solutions working together towards a common goal. 

What does this all mean for our clients?

We may look and sound different, but our dedication to our clients and their business growth remains strong and consistent in our everyday operations. Our people use the full power of our collective expertise to help clients build more business confidence in uncertain business conditions. 

We add value in 3 key areas:

Elements Advisory Group Partner Marcus Hill says, This brand refresh enables us to provide more streamlined and transparent processes for our clients whilst they continue to receive the high standard of service from the Elements Advisory Group team. The move to one ‘Elements Advisory Group’ is also driven by our commitment to provide clarity in all communications with clients and ensure that they have access to the right people, at the right time, all contributing to making it a better business journey.”

A Better Business Journey Ahead

This year, we’re embracing change. A change we believe will better communicate our mission and speak of who we are as a multidisciplinary firm. 

We’re incredibly excited to share this next phase of our journey with all of our clients, as we see our firm evolve, and our clients’ businesses grow with the full collective power of the Elements Advisory Group team by their side.

Elements Advisory Group Partner James Ginty explains, This brand refresh is an essential step in our desire to build and grow a modern-day advisory firm. In such a fast-paced and complex world, SMEs are demanding value-added, proactive and holistic advice to help them navigate the dynamic business environment. We see the new branding and consolidation of our divisions as a necessary step in meeting this demand and providing the best advice and support to our clients now and into the future.”

We thank all our valued clients and contacts for their trust and support over the years. As we embark on this next phase of our journey, we promise to uphold the same commitment and values we share with them.

You can learn more about Elements Advisory Group through our website or get in touch with us at or 07 3878 9181.

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